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What is IMTB?

IMTB (Indonesian Medical Tourism Board) is an agency that facilitates and promotes the Indonesian healthcare travel industry by coordinating industry collaborations and building valuable public-private partnerships at home and abroad.

Research shows that most of Indonesia’s affluent markets prefer to use foreign medical services. Singapore. Malaysia, Korea, and Europe are among the popular treatment destinations for Indonesians. In addition to medical competence and facilities, these medical destinations also offer an enjoyable traveling experience.

At IMTB, we believe that Indonesia has a lot to offer regarding medical competence and travel experience. IMTB was established to enable people to access leading medical services and facilities while enjoying a wonderful touring experience in Indonesia.

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Why Indonesian Healthcare?

Reputable Facilities

The newest breakthrough in healthcare technology. Here you can get medical expertise and experience with world-class accreditation.

Made for Your Convenience

Have access to our specialists and medical treatment whenever you need them—minimum wait time. No passport or visa is required.

Affordable Healthcare for All

The Indonesian government monitors the regulation of treatment prices by imposing price ceilings.

Wonderful Indonesia

Discover Indonesia’s magnetic attraction and destination that matches your soul with the best choice hotels around the medical facility.

Advanced Technology

We acquire the latest advanced laboratory technologies to enhance patient outcomes.

Comprehensive Services

With IMTB Concierge Services, you can easily find various important information related to health and tourism.

Largest IVF Network

Our fertility specialists provide the highest personalized treatment of high-quality fertility services.

Success Pregnacy Rate

We strive to increase success rates for couples with recurrent miscarriage, low sperm morphology, or high levels of sperm DNA damage.

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