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Medical Services


Find Healthcare
Find the right hospital or health facility and make your appointments for consultations, outpatients, inpatients, or any medical procedures easier through IMTB!
Make your teleconsultation appointment with an experienced specialist or general practitioner through IMTB anywhere. Look for hospitals with teleconsultation services available.
Home & Office Visit
IMTB can help you to arrange reservations and schedule medical procedures to come to your home or office.
Medical Evacuation
This is a medical evacuation service for patients who need fast and safe transportation by a professional medical team. IMTB assists patients with domestic and international referrals using ground or air ambulances.
Medical Second Opinion
IMTB provides a qualified second medical opinion with experienced specialists regarding the disease and the required treatment plan. It can also provide additional evaluations to convince you to make the right treatment decision.
Quotations and Estimates
IMTB helps you get the best treatment with the cost of treatment according to your needs and plan the estimated cost to be allocated as much as possible.

Wellness Services


Find Accomodation
Find the best place to stay in the destination of your choice.
Wellness Package
IMTB has health services packages for your relaxation and fitness. Find your packages here with us!
Herbal Tourism
This service offers herbal health tourism and various traditional treatments using Indonesian herbal ingredients.

Other Services


Operasi Robotik / Robotic Surgery di Indonesia
Robotic Surgery
Robotic Surgery is the most advanced surgical technique in the world. Get the latest technology for your surgery experience in Indonesia from IMTB.
Operasi lutut dan pinggul
Knee Surgery
We help you get the best treatment for your knee injuries, such as ACL, PCL or meniscus injuries. Get the latest surgery technology for your knee.
Operasi Jantung IMTB
Heart Surgery
Heart is one of the most important organs. We help you get the best treatment for your heart condition. Get the best surgery options for your heart.
Rumah Sakit dengan NICU dan PICU
NICU PICU is an intensive care unit for newborns or children. Get  PICU NICU recommendation that best suits your needs.
Perencanaan Program Kehamilan dan IVF dari IMTB
IVF & Pregnancy
This service provides various pregnancy program, including In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). We help you to get pregnancy program from the best expert.
Digestive Center IMTB
Digestive Center
Digestive Center will treat all types of digestive problems, with a team of specialist, complete facilities and advanced equipment.
Layanan Medical Assistance untuk Dapatkan Rekomendasi Rumah Sakit Terbaik
Medical Assistance
Medical Assistance will help patients find a hospital, estimate treatment costs, and coordinate with the hospital, so that patients can receive treatment comfortably.
Medical Evacuation - Evakuasi Medis - IMTB
Medical Evacuation
Need a fast and responsive medical evacuation? We will help you get the best option for evacuating patients from the experts, including private air ambulance or ground ambulance.

Reservation Via IMTB

IMTB helps realize your dream of medical tourism through innovative and complete health facilities. IMTB also recommends tourism that prioritizes comfort and safety. Here’s how to make a reservation through IMTB.

IMTB helps plan and coordinate your medical needs. We have partnered with the best hospitals and health facilities in Indonesia.

To get help with medical recommendations & coordination, please fill out the consultation form below.

Formulir Konsultasi

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  1. Rekomendasi RS dan dokter terbaik
  2. Perhitungan estimasi biaya pengobatan
  3. Bantuan untuk mengurus administrasi rumah sakit.
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